Vision 2022

Vision 2022 BAmazingU




Monday 10 January 6.30-8.30pm gmt

Vision 2022

As we move into 2022, it’s time to create our vision of what we want for ourselves and the world around us. 2021 is so last year.

“It’s over” has been coming into my thoughts again and again.

So after all we’ve been through, what do we want to create?

We create through our thoughts, words and deeds in every moment of every day.

So let’s create that vision board of what we want our thoughts, words, actions, emotions to be in 2022.

Bring crayons, marker pens, old magazines, maybe even a playlist.

Or join me using the Canva app to create a vision board. 

Having discovered “The Remembering Process” by Daniel Barrett & Joe Vitale over the holidays, I feel it would be amazing to incorporate this into our creation.

We’ll take our creative process one step further and remember it like it’s already happened, anchoring it into our body and our life through a beautifully guided meditation.

Join me on Monday 10 January 6.30 – 8.30pm gmt to create a vision board with a difference. Here’s what we’ll do:

Right from the beginning, we’ll connect with our spiritual support team to guide us through this process.

We’ll do some journaling to tune into what we need to release in order to make room for our vision.

We’ll tap through and call on the Violet Flame to transmute and transform this energy and old karma.

Connect with our guides and journal around what we are bringing in. For ourselves and the Collective.

We’ll create our Vision Board for 2022. I’ll be using a Canva app AND some physical paper and crayons to create mine. (I’ll share my screen if you’d like to join in using the app). 

We’ll finish with a guided Remembering meditation to anchor in our Vision and remember it as already done.

Of course there will be time throughout to share, ask questions and be in community.

I’ll be dedicating some time over the weekend to journal, gather some crayons and some pics, emotions and fun stickers ready to play on Monday.

If this calls to you just use the link below to join in the fun. 

As a special bonus for January, I’m offering this for FREE when you sign up for the Raise your vibe online 6 week journey.

So you can choose to join us for two hours or immerse yourself in a seven week journey for the cost of a six-week one.

Here are details of Raise your vibe; this will evolve over the six weeks and will be tailored to each group.

Sending love, light & miracles your way. Andrea 💞