Re-ignite your soul light – a 7 week immersive journey 

Join us for a 7 week fully immersive journey into reigniting your soul light.


A sacred space where you can deeply connect your human potential with your soul light.


We’ll be sharing meditations, exercises and experiences with colour, crystals, cards and sound. And more that is yet to be revealed to us. 


Now really is the time to expand your soul light.


With the intention of truly remembering that you are soul, what that means to you and how you can move forward in that soul vibration.


Each week will have a different focus dedicated to different energy centres of the body and how they can illuminate your soul truth.


As we journey through the 7 weeks, we will explore how each of the chakras can relate to different aspects of your soul light. Moving from their 3d vibration towards their 5d potential.


The chakras are parts of the body where the physical, emotional & spiritual meet.


So, what better way to use them than to gain a rich understanding of how to fully integrate your human potential with your soul light wisdom?


During this journey, we’ll be diving deep into themes such as

soul clarity, soul intuition, soul expression and soul power.


This course is for you if you wish to expand during this time of massive potential.


Reigniting, accepting and flourishing in the fact you are divine love and light.


Starting 14 September we’ll gather every Tuesday evening 7-8.30pm gmt

for seven weeks til Tuesday 26 October 2021.

Here’s a brief overview of each week, though we can see this unfolding as we move through the weeks:


Week 1 will include an exploration of your root chakra with all its human supporting and grounding aspects with your fearless soul wisdom. A week of anchoring and providing a base from which the following weeks can expand.  It’s time to tune out of physical fear and into our fearless soul. 


Week 2 will allow you to reflect on the sensuality, the warmth of the colour orange and the water element of your sacral chakra. Tuning into the soul’s creativity and passion, we’ll move through some exercises to enhance your human journey. What would your creative soul whisper to you?


Week 3 moves to the solar plexus where your soul fire and power will shine on your sense of self allowing for a deeper inner knowing of your ‘I am’ presence. It’s time to connect with our soul power. 


Week 4 the centre point of our course and the centre of your being. The heart chakra, your loving soul. Here with the alignment of unconditional love for yourself and others, compassion, forgiveness and balance, the whispers of your soul may just transform into your soul calling.


Week 5 the throat chakra. During this week’s session the expression of your soul will be called upon with sound, space, creativity and the gentle calmness of the colour blue and the 5d colour of violet.  


Week 6 with clarity at the third eye the link between your soul and human experience will allow you to tune into the collective consciousness via ‘knowing’ your individual intuitive talents. 


Week 7 the final week (or is there more to come?) looks at the crown chakra at the top of the head. The silence, the gathering and integration of all your experiences over the previous 6 weeks. The connection of self, others, the universe and the divine will all be part of this week’s splendour. 

It’s time to make way for our integrative soul power. 



If energy work’s your thing and you’re ready to develop your soul gifts to support you on your ascension journey, come join our wonderful soul-light community.


To take advantage of our early-bird offer just sign up before Tuesday 17 August.

You can choose to pay £285 in full or use our three-payment option of

3 x £95 to make this more accessible for you.


After 17 August the price of our offering will revert to £333.


Sending love and blessings from our soul-light to yours.


Andrea & Janice xx