Community. Connection . Transformation

Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make change. 

Barbara Milkulski

Full Moon Online Gatherings

Online & in-person in Chester resuming soon. 

Energy practises and guided meditations to support you in moving through eclipse season energy. For ourselves and the collective. 

“A magical experience where Andrea Bird held the space beautifully and with such grace. “

“A wonderful, heartfelt time of sharing. thank you for holding such a special space. “

Raise our vibe community

Tailored small group programmes to lower stress levels and improve resilience. 

Having overcome my own overwhelming feeling of stress and anxiety, I know what it feels like to feel stuck, unable to move forward and focus on even the smallest of tasks without overwhelming mind chatter taking over. 

I specialise in self-empowerment techniques, to enable you to calm your mind and be the real you, not the stressed out version of you. 

Contact me to to work together to create a programme at a space for you and your friends. 

Corporate Resilience Programmes

Is the mental well-being of your employees causing you concern?


Having spent the last twenty years transforming her own feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, Andrea has lead tailored wellbeing workshops at corporations such as MBNA & Cassileth Surgery to help employees feel calmer, more motivated, adaptable and resilient to change.

Email Andrea to discuss your specific requirements.

The tapping & meditations were very enjoyable & certainly helped to keep my vibration raised over a difficult time of year.
SP. Raise our Vibe group.

You changed my life Andrea Bird. Thank you doesn’t cut it!

Chester, UK

I have worked with Andrea on and off for the last 2 years and absolutely love her approach. She is an intuitive, compassionate Matrix Reimprinting and EFT therapist who successfully combines this with her own unique blend of creativity and humour. She always meets me where I am with whatever issue I have and knows exactly what to do to guide me through my own healing. She holds my space superbly and with her expert guidance I have had a lot of fun creating ECHOs (younger parts of me whose traumas have been resolved) that have later played a pivotal role in subsequent healing sessions. I would highly recommend working with Andrea if you are looking for change in your life with a multitude of issues be it a general sense of feeling stuck or more specific issues connected with confidence, self-worth, health, relationships, etc.


“A magical experience where Andrea Bird held the space beautifully and with such grace. 

Chester, UK

I have found great benefit from my EFT/Matrix Reimprinting sessions. She is a great listener and intuitive. I have found comfort and healing from our sessions and am looking forward to discovering more about myself and uncovering blocks as we progress in our future sessions. Thank you Andrea!

Skype Sessions

During our sessions, Andrea helped me to discover what lay beneath my anxieties, gently helping me let go of beliefs I hadn’t even realized were holding me back. I’ve also found great benefit from using the calming techniques she shared, both for myself and my family.

Chester, UK