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Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make change. Barbara Milkulski





Re-ignite your soul light – a 7 week immersive journey

The wonderful Janice Thompson and I are delighted and excited to be offering our first collaborative and immersive journey to guide you to deeply connect your human potential with your soul light. We’ll be sharing meditations, exercises and experiences with colour, crystals, cards and sound. And more that is yet to be revealed to us.

During this journey, we’ll be diving deep into themes such as soul clarity, soul intuition, soul expression and soul power.

This course is for you if you wish to expand your soul during this time of massive potential. 

There has never been a more important time for us to re-ignite and shine our soul light.

If you like the sound of this offering and would like to take advantage of our early bird offer

and exciting bonuses, click below to find out more…

Matrix Collective Consciousness

We meet every second and fourth Monday of the month for just £11 per session. 

Monday 14 September 8pm gmt. 

Come join our wonderful community to transmute emotions that are coming up right now and process then in a beautiful group setting.

Such a wonderful gentle process with profound and far reaching effects for all involved and the wider collective.

Exam StressBusting

Having overcome my own anxiety around exams, I am passionate about supporting both students and parents through exams through small group workshops (max 8 participants) and 121.

I specialise in helping students transforming feelings of anxiety and overwhelm  into ones of calm, confidence and self-belief.

Contact me to have a chat to determine how I can best support you and your child.

Corporate Resilience Courses

Is the mental well-being of your employees causing you concern?


Having spent the last twenty years transforming my own feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, I have created stressbusting workshops at corporations such as MBNA & Cassileth Surgery to help employees feel calmer, more motivated, adaptable and resilient to change.

Email Andrea to discuss your specific requirements.

Did You Know?



Andrea provides free resources to help support you in the now and when life’s inevitable curveballs can throw you off course. 

Check out Andrea’s youtube channel and her instagram igtv channel 

You changed my life Andrea Bird. Thank you doesn’t cut it!

Chester, UK

I have worked with Andrea on and off for the last 2 years and absolutely love her approach. She is an intuitive, compassionate Matrix Reimprinting and EFT therapist who successfully combines this with her own unique blend of creativity and humour. She always meets me where I am with whatever issue I have and knows exactly what to do to guide me through my own healing. She holds my space superbly and with her expert guidance I have had a lot of fun creating ECHOs (younger parts of me whose traumas have been resolved) that have later played a pivotal role in subsequent healing sessions. I would highly recommend working with Andrea if you are looking for change in your life with a multitude of issues be it a general sense of feeling stuck or more specific issues connected with confidence, self-worth, health, relationships, etc.


Andrea is very approachable, makes you feel calm and at ease & is very knowledgeable about her subject area.

Chester, UK

I have found great benefit from my EFT/Matrix Reimprinting sessions. She is a great listener and intuitive. I have found comfort and healing from our sessions and am looking forward to discovering more about myself and uncovering blocks as we progress in our future sessions. Thank you Andrea!

Skype Sessions

During our sessions, Andrea helped me to discover what lay beneath my anxieties, gently helping me let go of beliefs I hadn’t even realized were holding me back. I’ve also found great benefit from using the calming techniques she shared, both for myself and my family.

Chester, UK