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Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make change.

Barbara Milkulski

Holding group spaces has naturally become a beautiful part of my offering. It is a time when I lose all sense of self and just let the Divine do her work through me. 

Matrix Collective Consciousness

Come join our wonderful community in releasing energy that’s rising and transforming it into a higher vibration within the beautifully safe space of the matrix or quantum field.

Such a wonderful gentle process with profound and far reaching effects for all involved and the wider collective.

It’s just £8 of which £2 goes to the amazing FAST project supporting NHS workers.

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 Exam StressBusting

Having overcome my own anxiety around exams, I am passionate about supporting both students and parents through exams through small group workshops (max 8 participants) and 121.

I specialise in helping students transforming feelings of anxiety and overwhelm  into ones of calm, confidence and self-belief.

Contact me to have a chat to determine how I can best support you and your child.

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Corporate Resilience Courses

Is the mental well-being of your employees causing you concern?

Having spent the last twenty years transforming my own feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, I have created stressbusting workshops at corporations such as MBNA & Cassileth Surgery to help employees feel calmer, more motivated, adaptable and resilient to change.

Email Andrea to discuss your specific requirements.

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Did You Know?


Andrea has been part of the core Facebook “Tapathon” initiative, offering free EFT/Tapping by EFT trainers since April 2020. To access these videos follow this link.  

Andrea is very approachable, makes you feel calm & at ease & is very knowledgeable about her subject area

K.C. - Chester, UK

You changed my life Andrea Bird. Thank you doesn’t cut it!

L.S. - Chester, UK

If you are stressed, there is a great tapping workshop I know of which would really help you.