I support clients through One to One sessions and group workshops and have helped release emotional weight from clients’ shoulders & backs, resolve feelings of anxiety, release fears of taking (physical and emotional) steps forward and clear generational and past life energy, leading them towards their most amazing future self.  I adapt techniques like Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, also known as Tapping)Matrix ReimprintingHeart BreathingColourMeditationPositive PsychologyVisualisation and Reiki around my clients’ needs, in workshops and One to One sessions, in person in Chester and online.


During each workshop we use various self-empowering energy techniques and tapping meditations to release the emotional charge around issues such as: life/work/family stress, dealing with change, performance anxiety, life as a carer and parental overwhelm, leaving each workshop feeling calmer and more balanced. We always welcome new members and topics.

One to One

One to One programmes allow us to dive deep to release and resolve fears and anxieties, at your pace, using the gentlest methods, with the added bonus of being resourced with techniques you can use yourself to get your sparkle back when a curveball comes your way.

Looking forward to working together to help you Be Amazing Be You!

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