6 days of self-love

A journey of Remembering your true essence




Are you REALLY good at giving love to everyone but yourself?

Me too!!

This month of July feels like an invitation to move towards showing ourselves some of the love we give to others. 

Come join me for 6 days of self-love. 

I’ll show up for 6 days morning, noon and evening. 

To share practises to support you in moving inwards. 

Towards the light of your soul welcoming you Home. 

Knowing you will be held by my guides – and yours – and light of the highest vibration.

And from that place of fullness we can shine that light into the world. 

If this calls to you, come join me 

Monday 11 July til Saturday 16 July for 30 minutes of self-love morning, noon and evening. 

Each gathering will be recorded AND you’ll receive an audio compilation of all practises. 

So either show up live or catch-up at a time that suits you (maybe with a friend for extra community AND accountability!).

You’ll also receive reminders if, like me, linear time can feel like a bit of a challenge! 


Here’s a (rough) outlay of our time together. Knowing that as the group evolves, so will the supportive practises. 

Monday 12 noon. We start our journey of self-love by journaling.  

Monday 7.30pm our deep dive gathering into the quantum field to reclaim the self-love we lost along the way. 

Tuesday 7am Today we’re chanting Ho’oponopono to support the healing from yesterday’s journey. 

Wednesday 12 noon. It’s full moon day! Time for some more journaling and tapping through full moon layers. 

Thursday 6.30pm. Guided journey towards self-love. And maybe some free dancing!

Friday 9am. Movement to nourish your mind, body and soul with self-love. 

Saturday 12 noon. Integration. Where are we now? How can we integrate self-love into our day. 

Energy Exchange


I would normally offer this for £99, but will set it at a base of £22 with the option for you to add an additional energy exchange of whatever feels right for you. 

If you are unable to pay, but really need this, do get in touch. 

Whatever your plans over the coming month, I invite you to take time for you. To listen to the call of your soul inviting you to replenish your soul. As a mum I remember this time of feeling rushed to pack my work and to do list before taking time for the six week school break. A time which left little time for me. Which meant we all went into summer time feeling grumpy and exhausted. Not the best start to the summer. And I would have seen this and thought “oh I’m not sure how I can fit time in for me with everything that’s going on’. Which is why I am making this so accessible for you. Half an hour a day for you. Among 16 hours for everyone else (and that’s allowing for a generous 8 hours sleep!). 

Whatever you do, I invite you to take time to nourish you – yes, you! – during this month – and beyond. 


Sending love, light & miracles your way.

Andrea. ❤️