Rise & Shine – an 11 week journey for awakening light leaders 

Riseandshine light leaders

Dear awakening light leader

Have you been feeling the call to Rise & Shine your light in the world, but you don’t know where to start?

Maybe you’ve been on a journey through the dark night of the soul towards awakening. 

Perhaps you’ve been discovering and gathering practises, techniques, complementary therapies and you’d love to share your knowledge with a wider audience. 

You could be discovering you have a new gift you didn’t know you had. 

You may have a practise supporting clients one to one or held a workshop or 2. 

Maybe you’ve tried sharing your vibe, but you ended up doing what you think people want you to do and it just doesn’t feel right or work out.  

You’re hearing a call to rise that’s getting louder and harder to ignore. 

BUT you’re feeling blocked. You don’t know where to start or you’ve started and only got so far. 

Some days you’re feeling sooo ready. 

Others days your monkey mind kicks in and you’re asking yourself: “what was I thinking?”, “who am I to?” She/he does it so much better and has a gazillion followers, so there is no point in me even trying”.

As someone who has experienced every single one of those emotions, blocks, highs and lows and yet… the call just got too loud to ignore, I am offering my outstretched hand.

To walk beside you as we answer the call together, in community. With like-minded souls.

We’ll lift each other up and rise together.  

Finally clear some of that last bit of old energy that’s keeping us from moving forward.

We’ll use energetic practises like EFT, guided journeying, meditations, we’ll also move our energy physically and of course connect with our soul team.

For guidance and support. Perhaps re-write an old soul contract, heal a witch wound or two and  somw feminine & masculine wounds. 

We’ll also connect with ancient wisdom, knowledge & gifts of our priestesses/goddesses/healer who are ready to walk with us. 

I can see these ancient divine light beings already wandering with us, working with us and through us, if we are ready to answer the call.  

It’s time to Rise & Shine.

You really have been training for this for lifetimes.

I am putting everything I have learned over the last 20 years – and guidance I am continuously receiving – into this offering. 

We’ll start with a 6 week journey over 7 weeks (for that much-needed catch up weel) , followed by 4 weeks of practical support group, will be divinely led, tailored to our group and the gift you are here to share with the world. 

This course and we as a group will evolve as we rise throughout this journey together. 

We’ll move through blocks and take practical action and invite support from our human community, soul team and divine “I am” essence. 

You’ll have lots of opportunities to ask questions, swap, practise (and move through the blocks when you even think of doing that!), with more support, if you wish, in the form of monthly support. 

We’ll have practise groups. 

And, as if a course and monthly membership wasn’t enough, you’ll also have the opportunity to gather together with fellow light leaders at a point over the coming months to share our light with the world.

The form of which will evolve as we evolve throughout our journey together. 

This is not a course, a membership or a retreat or even a summit, rather a meld of the best of all. 

We are moving into a new energy and we are the creators of that new way. 

You’re discovering a way of being entirely different to the way you’ve lived before. You’re being pushed into discomfort, because something has to change.

It’s time to answer the call to Rise & Shine. 


So if you’re ready to develop your soul gifts to shine your light, come join our wonderful community of soul-light leaders.


To take advantage of our early-bird offer just sign up before Friday 3 June

You can choose to pay £199 in full or use our two-payment option of

2 x £98 to make this more accessible for you.


From 4 June the price of this offering will revert to £222.


Sending love and light blessings. 


Andrea ❤️