Raise our Vibe

A four-week online journey for lightworkers sharing energy practises to raise our vibe

and extend this to the world around us. 

Join us for our second journey – for four weeks – to raise our vibe.

As we move into March, the month certainly seems to be living up to its name, with madness abound in our external and internal world.  So let’s get together in community to move through the madness towards a lighter way of being inside and out.

Each week we’ll be gathering in a beautiful light-filled space, where we feel free to be and express ourselves as our authentic, vulnerable selves. Sharing, or not sharing, camera on, or off, whatever we feel comfortable with.

I’ll be sharing practises to move through emotions like stress, anxiety, anger, frustration (or whatever is showing up for you in your life), to release these emotions and naturally move towards the emotions that feel lighter and easier. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as Tapping, is at the core of my teachings, with a guided meditation to connect with our soul guidance team for either 15 or 40 minutes, depending on the needs or energy of the group. This is a constantly evolving gathering. 

Over six weeks we’ll be journeying to move through emotional layers that are showing up in our personal and external world, learning and sharing practises including EFT, meditations, essences, essential oils, physical energy practises and more to help us move through lower emotions towards a higher vibration, in our own unique way. 

We will literally be raising our vibration. 

I’ll be holding the space for this second four weeks journey (having a week’s break over Easter) in community to connect with other like-minded souls, sharing ways that we’ve learned over the years to move through how we’re feeling. We’ll share our favourite practises to raise our vibe and extend this out to those around us.

We’ll also welcome some of my fellow practitioners and soul family who will be sharing the practises they have learned over the oast two decades. 

As we journey through the 4 weeks, we’ll raise our vibe and observe how that is changing the world around us. * When you sign up, you’ll also receive access to the guided meditations to release old energy and make way for the new, which I shared as part of our Vision 2022 gathering. Meditations you can use anytime, especially at the time of the full moon. 

Join us online from 21st March. We’ll start with a journey into the Matrix Collective Consciousness, or quantum field and connect with our soul team to support our mind, body and spirit in processing and integrating these powerful energies, which can often show up as emotionally and physical exhaustion. 

Wishing you a month and year filled with love, light & miracles. Andrea 💞

Join our online community to

Raise your Vibe

starting Monday 14  March 7-8pm.         Sign-up extended to Monday 21 March. 

I’ll be recording the guided meditation every week, so you’ll be able to tune into the guided meditations again and again to keep your vibe high.