Matrix Collective Consciousness - Leaders of Change



As we nudge towards the second half of the month of  November you may be thinking about how next year will be different.

I’ve been thinking about how we look to leaders to get us through country and global challenges.

But what if we are the leaders of change?

What if, by even the smallest of conscious actions, we could create the change we are looking for?

What if we are the leaders of change we have been looking for?

If you could be that Conscious Creator Leader, what would you change in your daily life?

Who would you be?

What would be your superpower?

What energy could be getting in the way of you being that Leader of Change?

This coming Monday let’s come together, acknowledge and release some of the energy that could be blocking you from being part of the change this planet needs.


Together let’s transform and transcend the limitations we may believe we have. Let’s create a new vibration, step into our Superpower and be the change we want to see, the Conscious Creator.

Here’s how the process works:

Matrix Collective Consciousness is that safe, supportive space for us to acknowledge and transform whatever energy is rising for us.

We will gather in the Matrix (or quantum field) using heart breathing, connecting to the energy of a powerful memory, travel to a healing place, inviting the support of guides, mentors or someone you feel held by and tapping to transform whatever energy is rising for you, calling to be healed. And from that place to create a new vibration to send out to the wider collective.

Monday 23 November 8pm UK time.

In December we’ll be tuning into any energy that’s rising for you about Christmas this year.

If you would like to join us, I so look forward to welcoming you in the matrix on

Here’s a time converter

What a beautiful gathering this will be.  In the quantum field, the matrix of infinite possibilities to clear, transform and raise the collective vibration for ourselves and for the Collective Consciousness.

The MCC is that beautiful safe space for us to gain some clarity, a higher perspective, or maybe just to feel better and more relaxed.

Maybe there will be more work to do after this gathering. And that’s ok. Because as we know this energy is rising for a reason – for us to transmute, transform and learn as part of our human journey. And we have the resources and support to help us through amazing energy techniques and community. So we can continue to raise our vibration in these times.

I’m offering these evenings for just £8 (£2 going to the amazing FAST project). 

All are welcome, you don’t need to be an energy practitioner, just bring along the energy of a powerful, memorable experience. I will guide you through the rest. 

If you’re new to tapping, here’s a short video showing the tapping points.


If you’re new to the MCC here’s a video of the process.

MCC Process 

And if you like, bring a candle, crystal, essences, or just your amazing presence.

Of course you’ll also receive a recording within 24 hours of the event to tune into again and again.

If you can’t attend live, speaking from experience, you’ll still feel the energy just as powerfully as attending live.

I’m so looking forward to welcoming you there. Andrea xx

** BOOKING TIP When booking, you’ll see a calendar. Just choose the date you’d like to come along and press continue. **

PS If you have any problems booking on or have any questions at all just get in touch at xx

A little bit about Matrix Collective Consciousness

Karl Dawson first came up with the idea when he was asked to give a demonstration of working in the matrix for a large group of people. You may have experienced an MCC one at one of his trainings.

Kate Marillat set up the Matrix Collective Consciousness in Collective in 2016 and I was an active participant from the word go. We’ve tapped through our energy around the Paris bombing, pain & disease, pollution, ancestral healing (one of my favourites), Brexit and homelessness. Those are just a few topics. To quote Kate

“The results of this protocol have been profound.
Expect it to be Powerful. Expect it to be Healing.”

Matrix Collective Consciousness Process

At the start of the MCC process, we tune into any energy that’s rising for us around the theme.

You will be guided to a powerful memory, then to a place of healing, calling in guides or a mentor to support you. You’ll have time to tap in silence, at your own pace. To do what you need to do to clear and transform in that safe space.

Everyone’s experience is so different, personal and clearing. To transform that energy as a community can be so hugely powerful and far-reaching.

I’m so looking forward to holding that space for you to tune out of the noise and into your inner knowing. As a community. So we can blast that high vibration out in to the field. With love, always.

Sending love Andrea xx

A little bit about Andrea Bird 

In case you don’t know me, I’m Andrea Bird and I’ve been part of the EFTMRA community since 2015, and an active part of the MCC community and Kate Marillat’s tribe since her first Tap and Write community. Without Kate’s support I would not have written, or published! my website, created EFT groups or even contemplated holding this group space. I’m also an Advanced EFT Practitioner, Matrix Practitioner and EFT Trainer and love being part of the amazing energy of the EFTMRA family.

I’m so very grateful to Karl and Kate for entrusting this space to me and feel honoured to be holding this healing space for you.

Sending love Andrea xx