Free-ing the Collective Consciousness 





It’s time to create our Free reality.  


On a personal level and as a Collective, we have been through a dark night of the soul, experienced a massive wake-up call, waking up from a dream we as a planet have created over generations and eons of time.


Many of us awoke to a realisation that while we thought we were free, it was actually all an illusion.


Over the past 3 years it has felt like our freedom has been taken away from us.

And as we are in the middle of eclipse season, a lot of our very human feelings can rise to the surface.


I believe that on a soul level I am – we are – free.


But as human beings, we chose to feel.


And in these times, many of us don’t always feel free.


Free to travel, to express our views, to be ourselves.


So how about we come together to acknowledge those human feelings of not feeling free?


However that’s showing up for us in our daily lives.


You, me, the Collective.


On Tuesday 17 May 7.30 – 9pm BST


I will be your guide to move through our personal feelings, we may just gain some wisdom from our spiritual support team and invite resources to support us in moving through the thoughts and emotions.


We’ll travel to the quantum field of infinite possibilities, connect with our soul guides and our I am wisdom. We’ll use energy practises including EFT/Tapping and the violet flame to transform our feelings and our energy.


Moving through our human feelings in the quantum field, connecting to our guides and I am presence can open us up to insights and even a remembering of who we are at a soul level.


And send that energy into the Collective Consciousness.


We are the ones we have been waiting for.


We have been training for this for lifetimes.


It’s time to come together – for ourselves and the Collective and be the change we want to see in the world.


Join us for this FREE event

on Tuesday 17 May 7.30 – 9pm gmt


You’ll also receive a recording  to tune into again and again.

If you can’t attend live, speaking from experience, you’ll still feel the energy just as powerfully as attending live.

I’m so looking forward to welcoming you in the quantum field of infinite possibilities. 


Sending love, light n miracles your way Andrea xx

A little bit about Andrea Bird 

In case you don’t know me, I’m an Advanced EFT Practitioner, Matrix Practitioner and EFT Trainer and since my wake up call 20 years ago, I am all about energy, more specifically alchemising energy for our ourselves and the Collective. 

Since 13 March 2020 I have been holding the space for practitioners and light workers to move through energy around various themes like Fear, Balance, Power, Battle, Peace, Patterns, family karma, Choice, Veil of Illusion, Passports and more.

It started off as a process created by by amazing trainer Karl Dawson and has taken on a life of its won to adapt and evolve according to the group, theme and the energy of the moment. 

I am so looking forward to being your guiding the field of infinite possibilities.