Festival of Love, Light & Miracles 

Festival of Love Light & Miracles

Andrea Bird & Janice Thompson would love to THANK YOU the practitioner who shows up for everything you bring to the world. Both within your work as a practitioner helping and guiding clients through these times and in your personal life as you share your light with the world.

With this in mind we’d love to invite you to come together to celebrate being part of this incredible community even though we are all spread across the globe, we would love you all to come together to help create a brighter today for ourselves and our planet.

Firstly, we would love to invite you to a FREE hour gatherings with tapping, meditation and sharing.

We know it’s been a tough few years for all of us.

We’ve faced our own personal challenges.

And still we’ve shown up to support others on their journey.

Well this time is for you.

It’s time for some self-care for ourselves.

Do join us on the 9th December at 7pm GMT for an hour’s FREE gathering.