Conscious Feminine Book Circle

Do you have a shelf full of books that you so want to read but never seem to find the time to finish – or start – them?

Have you thought about joining a book club, but you just can’t find one?

Do you sometimes dream of reading books and sharing ideas with like-minded conscious women?

Hi! We’re Morika and Andrea and yes, we have that bookshelf of half-read/yet-to-be-started books that keep calling us to read and share their story.

So we’ve created the book-circle we’ve always dreamed of being a part of!

A book circle of like-minded women who share an interest in personal and spiritual growth and development and want a safe place to explore books with these themes. 
All for a minimal fee of £6 per book. 
We are now about to start our second book:

A life-changing journey from the wasteland of modern society to a place of nourishment and connection. The word-of-mouth bestselling If Women Rose Rooted has been described as both transformative and essential. Sharon Blackie leads women on a quest to find their necessary and unique place in the world, drawing inspiration from the wise and powerful females in her native mythology, and guidance from contemporary women who have re-rooted themselves in land and community and taken responsibility for shaping the future. Beautifully written, honest and moving, If Women Rose Rooted is a passionate song to a different kind of femininity; a rallying cry for women to reawaken their natural power – not just for the sake of their own wellbeing, but for love of this threatened earth.

“Mind-blowing. An anthem for all we could be … I sincerely hope every woman who can read has the time and space to read it.” — Manda Scott, author of Boudica and A Treachery of Spies

You can buy If Women Rose Rooted through:

Book Depository

Sharon Blackie’s website to support independent book shops (you can use book tokens here)


Or on audible (if you buy it on kindle you get the audible for just £3.99)

Here’s how the Book Circle works:

We read 8 books over a year, giving ourselves 6 weeks to read each book and at the end we’ll meet on a zoom call on a Wednesday Evening for 60-90min.

The zoom circles are a co-creative space in which to discuss the book and share anything that came up for you.
When you join the book circle you’ll have access to the private members facebook group where we’ll post weekly prompts and questions to keep us all going. This is a safe space to share thoughts, questions and ideas as we read the book together.

This book club is flexible, you can dip in and out for each book.

All for a minimal fee of £6 per book. 

We’re so looking forward to welcoming you to our Conscious Feminine Book Circle.


Andrea & Morika ❤️❤️

PS If you have any problems booking on or have any questions at all just get in touch at xx