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Hi! I'm Andrea.

Ever since I can remember I’ve always seen the good in people.
Growing up, I never realised this was anything special, until a friend pointed out ‘you never see any bad in people do you?’.
I like to call it your inner sparkle. The real part of you. The one that, as life goes on, gets buried under layers of life experiences, programming and (other people’s) beliefs. That makes us feel less than sparkly.
But it’s still in there and it’s become my job to help you re-discover your sparkle.

I’ve also always been curious, questioning.

I did not like being told what to do/how to behave/how to be ‘just because’. At the time of growing up it didn’t always go down so well with my parents/teachers/anyone in authority. Now, again, I’m realising that it’s that questioning nature that helps me to help others who are questioning their own life.

Somewhere along the way, after moving schools and often countries, particularly during my last two school years – in a strict all girls’ convent school in a small town in Ireland – I resigned myself  to ‘fitting in’, to doing what I thought was expected  It seemed like the easiest option, though it did bring with it a lot of frustrated anger.

And that’s when my stress levels started to manifest, the feeling of anxiety and pressure to do well for my (well-meaning) parents and compared to my peers. To try to be more ‘grown up’, to work hard and do a job I thought was the right job to do.
To be someone other than my real, sparkly me.

I didn’t know that I suffered from anxiety, I only knew what I felt in my body: 

the racing heart, shallow breathing, churning stomach and a head that alternated between total brain freeze and a monkey mind chatter analysing the potential disasters that awaited me if I took that exam, made the presentation or stood out in any way.

It only took me 25 years to conquer my exam anxiety – but it was so worth it! 

I managed to cover up my anxiety and stress in my 20s, ignoring the fact that my physical and emotional illness were trying to get my attention.  Until after 3 years, my longed-for pregnancy felt further and further out of reach.

“Difficulties come when you don’t pay attention to life’s whisper. Life always whispers to you first, but if you ignore the whisper, sooner or later you’ll get a scream” Oprah Winfrey. 

Now I am so grateful for my house coming crashing down. It made me listen and take time to breathe, reflect, search for a way out of the spiral.

And there started an incredible journey of discovery, huge learning and creating positive, long-lasting changes to my own and my family’s health, well-being and life.  

The methods I learned have helped me have not just one, but 2 gorgeous boys and change my life and my career in so many ways.

From feeling constantly anxious and stressed, I discovered a calmer way to be, a mindset which helped me to:

  • negotiate parenthood with increasing calm
  • resolve my exam anxiety (which for me was my fear of the unexpected), so I could qualify in my new chosen career. 
  • tap into my creative writing skills (by transforming my belief that I would never be good at creative writing) to write a website. 
  • gain the confidence to set up my business and do the job I could never have dreamed of doing. 
  • host group workshops in person and online, give talks here in the UK and internationally; empowering others who feel like I used to, to create positive and lasting change to their own mindset, well-being and life and thereby also have a hugely positive impact on those around them.

What could you achieve if you let go of even just some beliefs and fears that have been holding you back?

“We can let the circumstances of our lives harden us so that we become increasingly resentful and afraid, or we can let them soften us, and make us kinder. You always have the choice.”

Dalai Lama

When you feel stressed you often don’t realise you do have a choice.

From exam anxiety to a fear of walking out of the front door, emotional and physical pressure to fear of failure, I have helped hundreds of clients re-discover their freedom to choose. To transform fears and anxiety that they formed throughout childhood and life experiences. 

I’m here to help you move forward and step into your most amazing potential self.

‘F.E.A.R has two meanings: Forget Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise. The choice is yours.’ Marianne Williamson.

Fast forward a few decades from when I was first pushed out of my comfort zone, I’m learning to embrace stepping – sometimes even taking a leap of faith and jumping – out of my comfort zone. Ok, I still get fear coming up, but then I am only human!.

My latest adventures have been interviewing and being interviewed in two world summits – the Tapping in Education World Summit and Transformation Conference.


I could not have taken this huge leap without the  life-changing resilience techniques I have learned over the years and the support of my incredible community of friends.

It’s that support that I bring to my group programmes & One to One sessions.

I’m now a Reiki master, Advanced EFT Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practitioner and use these ground-breaking advances in neuroscience and psychology, because of their fast, effective and long-lasting benefits and effects, during one to one sessions and workshops.

I’m here to give you hope; that it’s never too early or too late to transform your well-being, your childhood experiences and beliefs, to create lasting positive change to your life and those around you.

If you’re ready to take that first step, I’ll support you in letting go of fears, beliefs and emotional baggage that are  holding you back and lead you towards your

Amazing Sparkly Future Self.


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