If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to be near a cat when it is purring I’m sure you’ll agree it feels soooo good. They seem to know when we’re feeling low and are in need of some loving vibes. You might know that their purr is actually a frequency of 50-150 hz which is the frequency that creates endorphins, relieves pain and stress and promotes bone healing and growth. Let’s just take some time to allow that to sink in. Perhaps read that last sentence again. How incredible is that! A cat’s purr can heal.


I recently discovered that this is the gamma brain wave state. Just to say here I am not an expert in this, I am just sharing the information that is relevant.  Gamma is measured between 30 and 100. It’s only recently been ‘discovered’ as the state of regulating stress, healing and even psychic abilities. It’s also known as the state people are in when they ‘channel’.  Essentially, it’s a powerful combo of feel-good and healing frequency. I’m just realising that our son was receiving just what he needed – without knowing it – when he was healing a broken leg a couple of years and our cat Kobe would not leave his side!


But here’s the thing that really astounded me. Cats not only purr when they’re happy, they also purr if they’re in distress as a way to self-soothe! How incredible is that? They actually instinctively purr to release pain and stress and promote healing in themselves!


And here we are as humans still thinking we are the superior species! What happens when we are in distress? We, modern humans not only create cortisol, and adrenaline, raise our blood pressure to name but a few, we can stay stuck in this cycle for days to months to a lifetime. In terms of brain wave state, it’s high beta. This state also inhibits bone growth, the opposite of what cats do.


So what if we could learn to be more like a cat when we’re in distress? What if we had a quick easy-to-use ‘go-to’ method at our fingertips to help us self-soothe, lower our stress and naturally bring us to a more balanced state?


For the past ten years I’ve been practising Emotional Freedom Techniques every single day. For me, I noticed the effects on my stress levels almost instantly. From being in a state of feeling overwhelmed and anxious as an exhausted young mum of two toddlers, I thankfully also had a determination to find some method to help me. After a few minutes of ‘tapping’ I felt more balanced, more me. This was way before scientific proof. I mean I was just looking for something to help me and was willing to try anything. I didn’t need proof. Now, thanks to amazing people like Dawson Church. Dr Peta Stapleton and Dr Joe Dispenza, we have actual scientific proof that Emotional Freedom Techniques can decrease beta wave activity (the stress brain wave) and increase alpha (calm) and theta (deep relaxation).

So as I continue to hang out with my cats and tap I love the idea that I’m lowering stress levels, increasing calm and relaxation and maybe even creating some healing vibes in myself, my cat and my wider energy field. Now, where’s my kitty cat at? Oh, she’s just chilling on the sofa creating endorphins and healing without needing any explanation…

Sending so much love

Namaste. ❤️