SHE is rising.


No longer will she be tamed, distracted or contained.

Can you feel her energy

Coursing through your veins?


Re-igniting the memories long forgotten

Waiting to be reclaimed

Priestesses of old

Magicians, Maidens, Potion Makers

Women born to change

The ways that man in his forgotten wounding

Sought to restrain


The Power of the ancients

The Beings who walked alongside

Not behind

Who rejoiced

Celebrated Womanhood

The feminine in all things

Forgotten not lost

Waiting to be reclaimed


She is rising

Can you feel her energy

Coursing through your veins?


Re-igniting potions, poems, stories

Ways of Being not of Doing

Of Magic, Crafting, Flowing

with the Divine flow of Life

In all things


Maiden Mother Crone

Blessed women

Thought dead

Yet NEVER forgotten

Simply waiting

To re-awaken

What you thought was dead inside.


Awaken all you women

Feel the Stirrings

The Call

Of the Great Mother

Calling you Home.


Re-igniting the memories of old

To gather around the fire

Re-ignite the flame of your desire

To be once more

The wisdom-keeper, potion maker, priestess of old.


Truths buried deep inside

Thought lost, yet simply forgotten

Waiting for the time

To be re-discovered by


Yes you!


Always here in your heart,

your sacred spaces.

Wisdom of old

Stories waiting to be re-told

Of brighter, lighter joy-full days

Of feminine and masculine

Walking side by side

hand in hand

No one domineering, dominating

Suppressing one another.

In union let us come together now

To dance to play to laugh

To Be.


Remember dear one those times

And those yet to come

Remember Who you came here to Be!

Ancient and future in the now


Rise together and reclaim the wisdom of old

Only you can bring this into the new

Remember the Truth of Who you came here to be

Divine Love incarnate

Reclaimed Remembered Reborn.


Be still

Hear the whispers in the breeze

Make time to listen to the gentle heartbeat

Of the ancient mother

Whispering secrets of old

thought lost yet never forgotten

Waiting to be retold

By you

Only You

Can tell these stories the way only you can

Only you can be You.


Reclaim Remember Rise

Can you feel her ancient call?

Re-igniting your soul fire

No longer raging out of control.

Rather Rising with the Divine

flow of life

In you

With You

Through You.


Are you Ready

To Rise with Her?


Ancient One

Re-born countless times

For this Moment in Time

All you need is

Receive Receive Receive.


SHE will no longer be

Repressed, Tame or Restrained

In a state of doing

So alien to her innate blessed state of

Being HER

In all her Glory

Kept suppressed in chains of a continuous search outside

Her self for what she does not know

Wanting, needing some thing to sustain her

Life force energy draining.


And yet and yet that spark remains within Her

The music the dance the magic

Rising in HER through her

Can no longer be restrained hidden or contained

Are you ready to allow her to move through you

To free Her from her chains?

Thought lost yet never forgotten

Are you ready to hear the call in the stillness of the breeze

Waiting for you to declare that this is your time, Her time

To create together all that She is now ready to reclaim

Through you if you will but declare yourself ready now to accept the

Chalice offered to you now by those ancient wisdoms

Now is the time

You are ready

Declare it now

And it shall be so

Declare it now and she will deliver the wisdom of the Ancients for you

To transform into the now the way only you can

This is it

The moment you have been waiting for

Seemingly lifetimes of waiting to Rise with her unchained now

Ready to Rise with you in you through you

Now is the time for you to Rise together and share the way only you can

You are ready

You were born for this

Now take up the mantle of the wisdom keeper of the ancients in the now

Take our hand and rise now on our shoulders of the old into the new.

It is Your Time to Rise.