Letting go can feel so hard, whether it’s letting go of old patterns, loved ones, or even a whole identity.


I often talk about my journeys through the dark night of the soul and I really thought I’d reached the top of the mountain until my son’s recent move to fulfil his dreams. Letting go of him, alongside my move through the menopause (I prefer the Wise Crone description personally) has felt so very hard at times.


We all face challenging situations in our own personal way that can render us out of breath and we wonder how we are going to get through it. We can’t see what’s around the next bend or over the next hill and sometimes it can feel that we might just not have the strength to get through.


We are left spent, feeling vulnerable and alone.


And Love, well, she waits patiently for us to surrender.


As Barbara de Angelis so beautifully describes it in A Choice for Love:


“Love is always waiting to flow into any place where there’s not love. Our job is to relinquish what’s in the way and create space to receive.

Unclutch what you’ve been holding on to and take your hand out of the jar. There’s nothing in there that you need.

Joyfully crack open the mould that encases your magnificence so that it can be unveiled for all to enjoy.

Trust and then just let go. “


Love is ready to free us of our burdens.


To carry us through.


She gives us signs, but often we are so caught up in our struggle we just can’t see them.

I was having a giggle with a friend the other day thinking about Love/our guardian angel/universe/God standing by watching us struggle saying to herself


“any minute now they’ll realise that all they need to do is ask..”


And when we don’t ask, because we are so caught up in our struggle, thinking we have to do it all alone, she says something like this


“nope, not this time, maybe next time. I’ll just keep waiting…”


until finally, finally, if we’re lucky, we see the signs, the invitation to let go and surrender.


And still we resist.


We stand at the bottom of the mountain, or the edge of the precipice and our ego, well, it doesn’t like the thought of surrender one bit.

And it can keep us in fear for well, as long as we allow it.


And from my own very personal experience nothing short of total surrender will do. Any half-hearted effort just pro-longs the agony or brings another wake-up call.


You might know I have been on a massive journey for my own and my family’s physical, mental and emotional health.


In my late twenties I suffered from debilitating back pain, the only option I was given was a cortisone injection (I did get some physio treatments and discovered pilates). Shortly after I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and was told to take antacids and stay off spicy food.


I am still incredulous that this was considered quite normal at an age when I should have been in an optimum state of physical health.


Looking back now I realise that those signs that I needed to change my life were staring me in the face, but physical and mental illness and the stress that was causing it had become my normal.


It took a mental breakdown to shake me awake.


To discover a new way of being way, way outside my normal.


And yet, it took another few wake-up calls for me to truly awaken.


To me. To the real me.


The power of me.


And that nothing short of claiming the real me will do.


So I invite you to join me in awakening to the real you.


Whatever stage of your journey you are at or moving through, know that you are guided with compassion and love.


It’s time to stop living the old, outdated pretend version of you.


The you that you think others expect you to be.


That’s the old energy, the old way of doing.


If we knew how incredibly glorious we all are, we would lose the layers, change the patterns of self-judgment and victim that we as humanity have been playing for way too long.


It’s time to rise and claim the divine power of who we truly are.


2023 is set to be an amazing year.


If we claim it.


It’s up to us.


No more waiting for someone else ‘in power’ to do it for us.


To save us.


This next week is set to be an incredibly powerful week between the full moon eclipse and the 11/11 portal, paving the way for 2023. 


If you are up for being part of the change to bring humanity into this new way of being, it’s vital to set some time aside to let go of what is no longer serving your highest good and the highest good of all (please do not confuse this with the ‘greater good’ phrase that has been misused for way too long).


To make way for the new energy, the new way of being.


For ourselves and all humanity.


I invite you to


Let go of what is no longer serving you, no matter how much your ego is clinging on to it

and Let Love transmute and transform You and move towards the freedom of You – the real unique amazing You. 


And if you’d like to work with me and my guides to let go, you know where to find me.


It’s time.


To embrace the change.


Of our new earth.


With love and in love.