It really feels like goldust to me these days. Previously, not so much. 

We live such busy lives, While I write this it’s the summer holidays and for parents it’s still a very busy time in a different way.

And when we’re not busy doing we’re staring at a screen, we’re watching, listening to something.


And I invite you to take a breath. 

Without judgment could you just tune into your day?

Do you ever have any pockets of silence?

For me that’s always been a no, because silence was when my monkey-mind kicked in.

It wasn’t a good silence.

It was definitely NOT my friend.

So what came to me today was what if we COULD make friends with our monkey-mind?

Love it even as we would love a small child who’s just crying out for attention.

I know that can be really hard when it’s so annoying and it just feels like it’s being really mean to us right?

But what if what if we could love our monkey-mind free?

So we can discover the blessings, the treasure that silence holds for us?

Here’s what I practiced this morning – you might want to just follow my lead.

Just try it, what have you got to lose?

Let’s start by taking a breath wherever you are..

Just feel your breath flowing through you.

In through your nose, down your body into your feet into the ground and back up again.

If your monkey mind is starting up with a to do list or with should haves, could haves, would haves, or it’s coming up with a to do list or other distractions

What if you say


I love you so much. I love you. I love you. I love you.

And breathe.

Send that love to your monkey-mind.

Because it’s only doing its best to protect you.

I love you I love you I love you.

How does that feel?

How’s your monkey-mind?

Chances are it’s feeling a little unsettled. Because, you know, it’s never received love before. 

Maybe, just maybe it’s gone a little quieter, even for just a nanosecond. 


And breathe. 


How does that feel?

Even if nothing has changed, I invite you to treat yourself with compassion.

Treat your monkey mind with compassion. Maybe even reach out a hand to it, tickle its chin. 

What if compassion and love could open the door to silence and the treasure that it brings. 

What if we can learn to enjoy the silence, maybe even remember times of silence when we were a child. When we were just playing, lost in our own magical world.

What if we could learn to love the silence?

What if that could unlock the treasures of our soul whisperings?

So that is my thought for you.

Sending so much love.

I invite you to seek out the silence, particularly when it’s busy.

And if you don’t feel that you can you know what I’m gonna say!

Invite miracles.

Sending so much love

Namaste. ❤️


PS Fancy watching these musings on youtube? Here’s the link.