Lunar eclipse


Hello beautiful souls


It is the eve of the full moon lunar eclipse as I write this.


If you’d prefer to watch a video, here’s the link to my youtube video.


I’ve been thinking about sharing something about the eclipse energy for about a week, I actually recorded a video about a week ago and I decided not to post it because I read it, I watched it again, decided there was too much repetition and that it simply wasn’t good enough.


So I didn’t show up.


And that’s ok. I realised throughout the week that my beautiful monkey-mind was kicking in.


What a beautiful reminder that the old stuff that we thought we had moved through, shows up at a lunar eclipse.


It’s a really intense time.


And for me, I needed to move through that energy. To acknowledge that voice in my head, telling me for whatever reason not to step up. Keeping me safe in my comfort zone.


Telling me that I wasn’t good enough – again!


So interestingly, today, what card did I pull from this beautiful moon deck that I found yesterday?


You are enough just as you are.


And so I tuned into the energy and allowed myself to feel it, to have that crappy day where I didn’t do anything ‘productive’, because that voice was stopping me. Keeping me safe.


We have been taught through generations to push our rising emotions down, ignore them, fight against them. Which can often feel to me like I am literally fighting against the wind.


And yes, we can still reach our destination ‘battling against the odds”, but it takes so much effort, right?


What if, instead of reacting in the way we usually do, we took some time, to sit with that emotion, to move through, at our own pace, so we can begin to understand the wisdom?


The emotions for me can build up a few days before.


But with this being an eclipse season, I needed to gift myself pockets of time over a week, to move through the layers of emotions.


I use EFT/Tapping, meditating, journaling and long walks in nature.


What feels right for you?


Over the last week, a necklace that I bought in Glastonbury a few months ago kept calling to me. The crystal is verdite, which, of course, has many interpretations.


For me, it’s about connecting to the support of our healed ancestors.


Which just helps me to realise that during a full moon, when that self-doubt, those triggers, that wounded child, wounded feminine, or wounded masculine, shows up for us is, if we could just take some time to move through that energy to acknowledge how we’re feeling, to acknowledge that human part of us who is here to feel –  we are here to feel all of it – we give ourselves the gift of feeling the low vibes, to connect with our shadow aswell as the high vibes, the light.


I have been using journaling to connect with my ancestors, because by healing those wounds of the ancestral line – the ancestral feminine to be the wife, the mother, keeping the household going and the wounded masculine who did what they were told to do – fight, earn, provide the financial support, be physically strong and suppress their emotions.


By honouring that past energy showing up for us and healing those wounds, because I believe that these times are an amazing opportunity for us to heal those wounds of the past, we become the change that we want to see. And I know it’s maybe become a bit of a cliché, but it IS up to us to be the change in order to bring in the change.


Surrendering is also a big part of my full moon practice.


Surrendering, I know can be a difficult word for many, what I mean by that word is surrendering to my “I Am” presence, my soul, the essence of who I truly am, a part of the Divine.


Like the beautiful Footprints in the Sand poem, when it all becomes too much for us in our human form, God/Divine/Universe is here to carry us.


And through that surrendering, I trust that I am here to heal those wounds, and I have the strength and the resources to be that change I want to see in the world.


When I have healed the wounds of my ancestors, they stand beside me supporting me.


That is the beauty of having the courage to move through those wounds, the courage to look at the darkness, to be in the darkness, to move through that dark night of the soul, whether it’s a long one or a short one at the time of the moon and more.


 I know that many are moving through a dark night of the soul at the moment and as we are moving through that dark night as a Collective, it can feel even more intense.


As someone who has travelled through many a dark night, I used to see it as a bottomless pit, but once I have moved through I see that it really is a tunnel for us to move through, in order to move towards the light.


It is by moving through those emotions that we naturally come to the Light, that we naturally raise our vibration.


It is no something that can be forced. It is not something that can be pushed through.  


It is something that we need to move through at our own pace. And with that we naturally raise our vibration.


So what could you gift yourself during this Full Moon time, in order to help you to move through?


There is an invitation for us to use water this month of May to help us to heal our wounds this full moon.


So I’m going to go for a swim this afternoon, I am drinking so much water today,  to cleanse and to flush out that old energy. To make way for the new energy to flow in. 


And journaling, connecting with my ancestors, my soul, asking questions, inviting answers. Or just pouring my innermost thoughts on to the pages of my journal. 


You can create a full moon ceremony, on our own or as a group.


You don’t need a fire, you can use a candle, tuning into the energy of the full moon in a place of your own.


Write a list of the emotions that have been rising up.


Burn it and surrender it to the Moon Goddess. 


 It’s time to release the old, to declutter in order to make room for those new moon wishes.


Sending so much love whatever your plans this full moon.


As always from my heart to yours. 


Namaste ❤️