Hi, it’s Andrea here.

I just wanted to share a few thoughts that came to me about the vibration we are in and contributing towards for the planet.

Let’s just take a breath first. There’s a lot of noise going on in the Collective at the moment. For me, that’s always an invitation to practise my self-care even more often. To go within, journal, connect with Mama Earth and to move through energy that is coming up for me that doesn’t feel good. Low vibes if you will. David Hawkins, in his book “Power v Force” states that lower vibration energy fields such as shame, guilt, confusion, fear, hatred, pride, hopelessness and falsehood “is to be avoided”. For me, I need to move through them so I can release them. Otherwise they just keep showing up again and again.

Whatever you’re going through whatever you’re feeling, I’m just sending so much love your way. We’re all navigating these times in our own unique way, facing challenges in our own unique way.

I’m all about energy, energy alchemy, if you will. A long time ago, I kind of recognised the crucial part that energy forms in our lives. And for the last two years, I’ve been working with amazing groups to transform the energy of the collective, the planet.

In our groups we move through some of this energy in our own way in terms of how it shows up in our own lives.

By moving through it, moving through that energy for ourselves, we naturally move into a higher vibration. With that often comes clarity, connecting with our soul guidance to help us move forward and raise our vibration. And from that place send high vibes out to the planet.

It’s been a pretty tough process at times. I felt so inspired In March 2019 to hold the space in community to support souls in moving through some the low vibration energy that was showing up form them. Not really realising that I would have to move through each single one of those themes myself!

And what struck me today was that a lot of the themes that were coming up over the last two years are repeating themselves. And how often do we say we don’t want history to repeat itself??

On an energetic level, four of the main themes that came up were confusion, fear – that should probably be number one – judgement and division. And sometimes I think, as humanity, aren’t we better than that?? Is that a bit of judgment coming up that I need to move through???

And take some time to breathe.

Of course I realise that as we are all moving through these times, reacting through our old wounds, from a place of our wounded childhood and further back.

As we always say, in the energy world – reacting rather than responding.

My own wake up call was very physical and emotional 20 years ago. I have moved through a lot of energetic layers and am still doing the work.

And I have felt the wounds of guilt through my ancestry. I’m German originally, and felt that guilt even as a child. That energetic guilt run through me, the guilt of atrocities committed. I have also moved through layers of the witch wound, doing the work that I do. The victim of the fear, or rather terror, of speaking my truth often shows up, in so many emotional layers. Recording my first (and second and more!) video, which my soul called me to do, needed A LOT of emotional work.

And so the reason I mentioned this is because for me, having healed these wounds, knowing what I know, I can’t judge.

I can’t make a judgement about anybody, about anything, about how they should be being, what they should be doing, what choices thet should be making, how people should be behaving, because I have felt those wounds. And I have moved through that energy. And judgement feels like such a low vibration that I don’t want to go there, I don’t want to play that role any more. I don’t want that to be my role in this life, to be in judgement or to be in fear of judgement from my wounded self.

And so it’s recognising how we’re feeling: anger, frustration, judgement, but moving through it, so that we can create our life and go through our every day having moved through that judgement, in whatever way feels right for you.

For me, it’s always EFT/Tapping, because for me, tapping helps me to clear the mind chatter, so I can access my subconscious and heal those old wounds on a deep level.

Or it could be as simple as doing the physical ‘expelling the venom’ exercise by the wonderful Donna Eden.

Literally moving the energy, rather than having it stuck and playing that story over and over and over again.

And for me, by moving through that energy, we can connect to our soul guidance.

And we can come to a place of self-forgiveness. Always starting with ourselves first. And from there forgiveness and compassion for others naturally follows.

How many times did we feel judged when we were a child?

Do we really want to keep keep repeating that pattern??

Because by staying stuck in those patterns of our past, we are bringing that into our present and potentially into our future.

Again, it may even be as simple as just breathing out the emotion, or moving the energy through Qigong practises, in whatever form feels right for you.

Because then we’re getting our wounded selves out of the way.

And that’s one of the number one lessons that I learned when I was doing my practitioner training.

When I’m working with a client, we are taught to ‘get yourself out of the way’.

And I feel that this is so relevant now!! By getting your wounded self out of the way, or rather recognising and healing those wounds first, we can connect to your soul guidance.

So what would your soul say? What would your soul do? How would your soul move forward in these times in your own life??

How about sending that love vibration out into the field of energy of the planet?

Because we are all conscious creators, we are constantly creating our reality.

And we play a massive part in in the collective field of energy.

So do we really want to be adding those lower vibration energies into the field of consciousness?

Do we really want to be contributing to that?

Or do we want to be moving through it and raising our consciousness?

By healing our own Wounded Child, we can respond rather than react.

And that’s why I waited a while to write this and record a youtube video.

I take a lot of time to process energy.

Rather than launching straight in.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful emails. And felt like maybe I ‘should’ be writing/posting. But I’ve never been very keen on that word ‘should’.

I just felt that I needed to process the energy before I shared something.

I might be triggering you or you might find helpful, but I just really felt the call today to share.

My soul voice was getting louder and louder.

So I wonder if you’d like to join me in and just connect to your heart space.

I have recorded a heart healing meditation, which is available on my YouTube channel. It’s kind of an extended version of what I just am feeling I want to tune into right now.

So just tuning into your heart and just breathing into your heart and just imagining coming from a place of connecting to divine love, not the broken parts of us who weren’t, didn’t feel loved or you know, any of the wounded love.

Connecting to Divine Love, however that shows up for you. For me, it’s connecting to the cosmic heart, the beating heart of the universe.

And asking yourself, what would love do that divine love? If I came from that place? What would divine love say? What would divine love be?

And sending that love out to yourself, maybe even, with loving intention, sending it to your wounded itself, knowing that across all space and time they will receive it.

And then if it feels right, sending that love vibration out for the highest good. And I felt this is really, really important – to send it out for the highest good of whoever, wherever and the highest good of all.

That was one of the things that I learned in my Reiki training. The highest good is the highest vibration and importantly it’s not what you want. It’s what is the highest good, not the greater good because let’s just put it out there, that’s been misused as a phrase.

So let’s just go for our highest good. So receiving love, from divine love for your highest good, filling yourself up with that divine love and from that place of divine love sending that out for the highest good of all.

As I close, I am sending so much love your way.

I truly believe that as a planet we are ascending to higher levels of consciousness and I invite you to be conscious of your energy without judgement. Always with self compassion always with self forgiveness.

Honouring our soul journey and the soul journey of those who walk alongside us.

So from my heart to yours, from my soul to yours, Namaste.

Sending love your way.

If you like what I do do, please do share with someone that who who you feel may benefit. I’ve also recorded it as a youtube video, which you can access here.