This is the second ‘I can do it’ UK event I’ve attended and knowing many friends who would have liked to have come along but couldn’t make it, I thought I’d share my personal highlights. Although this was one of the few times I didn’t take many notes, it feels right to share what I remember and I do hope I have captured just some of the amazing speakers’ messages. As many said on the day, if you just take away one nugget of wisdom, their job is done.
Kyle Gray started the day on a high vibration, reminding us that Louise Hay’s energy was with all of us in the room. Kyle first shared a story of trying his very best to ignore the first angel he ever saw. Not what you’d expect from a guy who is now a well-know and respected angel expert. For me it was a beautiful lesson that no matter how scary and out of our comfort zone it might feel to take that first step into (often unexpected) opportunities, by doing so we might just be able to help just one person. Which is just what Kyle’s mum told him. Of course mums always know best!
Kyle also shared that as the next twenty years is a crucial time for our planet and we are all part of the universal Oneness, it’s up to us to be the positive change every day, especially in our communication and interaction with others. I loved his idea of imagining ourselves as an angel when we communicate with anyone, though he admitted even for him that can be a challenge, particularly when it came to his luggage being lost!
Kyle’s about to launch his new “Angel Numbers’ book (which I can’t wait to receive) and shared how by knowing their meaning we can act on the signs that the angels are sending us. The sign that’s been showing up for me recently isn’t a number, it’s a wolf.  A sign, written or visual, that’s been appearing more and more. No surprise then that the first card that fell out of the pack of  “Ancestors and Angels” cards that I bought on the day was… a wolf.  He’s now my screensaver.


Lynne McTaggart, originally an investigative reporter and creator of the amazing publication ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’, shared the inspiring start and continuing story of her incredible Power of Eight group work facilitating powerful healing worldwide. The most inspiring part of her talk for me was watching an incredibly moving broadcast of her ‘Intention Experiment’ in the Middle East. These people, raised to hate each other, visualised positive change in their own unique way, to a specific geographical area. The result being not only a reduction in violence in that area, but also feelings of love, compassion and a realisation that we are brothers and sisters and that ultimately we are all One.  Here’s the link if you’d like to watch:
We also had the privilege of participating in one of these group exercises. After just 10 minutes of positive intention came incredible stories of physical and emotional freedom. For both those sending and receiving healing.
I found Lynne’s explanation of the changes to brain wave patterns hugely encouraging, particularly a lessening of activity in the frontal lobe part of the brain associated with stress and anxiety and an increase in theta waves often associated with monks and masters. An incredible message of hope for my family as my wonderful mum had pre-frontal lobe dementia.
I cannot want to participate in Lynne’s global intention event next year.
Mel Wells’ enthusiasm and energy was a wonderful post-lunch uplifting talk. Sharing her own journey around food, from extreme dieting to binge eating towards coming to a realisation that the key to loving your body is to love the body you’re in, not by hating the one you have, was beautiful and poignant. For anyone struggling with body confidence, her wonderfully-titled Goddess Revolution book and retreats offer an uplifting message of hope towards self-love.
We then had the honour of receiving some of Denise Duffield Thomas’ self-made millionaire wisdom. I have to admit, I haven’t read both books in full yet (I do have shiny object syndrome when it comes to books!), but her five Law of Attraction Life Hacks make me want to. Because each idea was simple and easy to implement and makes so much sense. Also, at the core of her message is that in order for us to take action and make our hacks work for us we just need to make it personal and easy for ourselves.
DeniseDTICDI2019Two of my favourite takeaways: her affirmation ‘There’s always more money’ and her idea of being open to receiving by using the phrase ‘It’s my time and I’m ready for my next step’. I think many of us will be setting as our phone screensavers/writing it on post-it notes/mirrors. Denise is also yet another speaker who openly admits she’s actually a natural introvert. And yet there she was on stage, because she wants to help others step up too.
Diana Cooper also reminded us of the importance of the next 20 years of the Golden Age and guided us through the twelve chakras to the fifth dimension to activate our highest potential. So we can step up and be part of the change.
It felt mind-blowingly out of my comfort zone and yet so utterly amazing. So much so that I’ve just signed up to her newsletter and listened to some more meditations. Feeling an opening up to more learning.
Robert Holden is like everyone’s favourite dad. He speaks, writes and just exudes love from every pore.
Throughout both of the ‘I can do it’ events I’ve now been to, I’ve noticed that he’s always there watching and listening to every speaker. And it shows. Having the last spot, he incorporates nuggets from all of the speakers into his talks and is so obviously supportive of other Hay House writers and speakers. And as a lifelong friend of Louise or Loulou to her friends and HayHouse family, he always brings her compassion along too.
Robert Holden ICDI2019The poems from his upcoming book around searching for love were both humorous and heartfelt and the sharing of his own discovery that self-love is the key was one of those ‘of course it is’ but ‘I’m not quite sure how to do that every day’.  Robert’s answer to me when I spoke to him afterwards was ‘Just ask Love to help you’.  Simple.
In the same humorous and yet real way, Robert invited us to realise that as a planet we asked for help and here we are; it really is up to us to step up and be the helpers. Starting right now. To support others and to create change, in our lives and the lives of those around us.
I bought Robert’s book spontaneously at the end of the day and am already a third of the way through. It really is a beautifully inspiring message of how Love can change us and our world and I already know it’s going to be one of those books I go to over and over.
I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to go to this event, to meet some of the speakers, Hay House volunteers, make new friends and of course to buy more inspirational books to add to my growing collection!
Attending an ‘I can do it’ event is not just a one day experience. It’s an awakening or strengthening of that spark of hope, inspiration or stepping up in us all, accompanied with a knowing that we’re supported by the amazing Hay House community.
As I write, the Hay House Heal summit is on – 23-29 October. So, if you are intrigued to meet more of inspirational authors and speakers who may offer a nugget of wisdom to help you on your healing journey, here’s the link to register.
If you’re interested to know more about me and my work helping women who are waking up to a realisation that they no longer want to continue feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed and are ready to step into the happier, more self-empowered version of themselves, get in touch via For ideas on how to feel less anxious, more calm and self-empowered, follow me on instagram or facebook @BAmazingU. Sending love and sparkles your way.