What do I tap on, when do I tap, what if I forget a tapping point?

These are some of the questions that I’m asked most often.

My wish is that my answers will help you to make tapping a more regular part of your life.


Firstly, here’s a reminder of the Tapping Points, including hand points. There are a lot of different sequences out there, this is the one I was taught through Karl Dawson, EFT Master. 



*Before you tap and tune into your emotions tapping, please read my “Safety First Note” at the bottom of this page. I hope you enjoy!


Tapping Points

If you’re new to tapping, just try tapping a few rounds without thinking about anything in particular. 

Tap gently using the index and middle finger (for smaller areas just use one finger to tap).

Get a feel for the points, you may even find a favourite point, which could be your ‘go to’ point when you’re out and about or just need to tap without thining about doing a full round. 

Tap with your right hand, your left or even both (I tap using both hands on my eyebrow point, side of the eye and collar bone point)

Start with 

Side of the hand. (previously called Karate Chop Point) using the ‘set-up’ statement 3 times

“Even though I feel this emotion, I accept the way I feel”

to connect to the energy,

unless you’re in the throws of an emotion, in which case you go straight to

Top of the Head 


Side of the Eye

Under the Eye

Under the Nose


Collar bone

Under the Arm

Wrist point (not shown on the pic, it’s about an inch below where the hand joins the wrist on the side nearest the thumb). 

Thumb (tapping on both edges of the nail bed).

Index Finger

Middle Finger

Ring Finger

Little Finger

Once you’re used to the tapping points, focus in on how you feel about something, get a sense of an emotion, colour and where you feel it in your body. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, where would the emotion be?

Tap for one round, take a deep breath and notice any changes. 

So here are my answers to those questions:


Question: I don’t know what to say

Answer: Start really simple to just get used to tapping and the points:


“I feel “colour”,  “emotion” in my “part of the body” and “size”.


(Size can be on a scale of 0 to 10, 10 being the worst, or just big or small if you can’t get a sense of a number, go with whatever feels right for you). For example,

I feel a red anger in my chest and it’s a 5″. 

Keep repeating “This red anger in my chest’ for a full round.

Check in after one round, notice any changes and continue to tap until you get to a 2 or 0.

“Even though I still feel some red anger in my chest”. 

* While tapping, you may feel a different emotion or colour or place in your body come up. Just go with it. For example, you may start with a headache at the side of your head, which may shift to the other side, your ears, or throat.

Keep tapping until you feel the charge is low enough (0 to 2).

*You may go up the scale, which just means the emotion (which you may have been pushing down) is coming up. Keep tapping, but remember Safety first – see below. 

When the charge is low enough (0 to 2) add 

“I choose to feel, emotion, colour” or I’m open to learning to feel…

Now you could take this one step further and use ‘Positive EFT’ (Silvia Hartmann) to get to a  + number. 

Imagine using some words to make that feeling and colour stronger and stronger to get to a +number. Imagine increasing the number, the sights, sounds, sensations. Just give it a try. For example:

I’m open to feeling more and more happy and I can feel that (emotion and colour) getting stronger and stronger. 


Question: What if I forget a tapping point?

Answer: You will still feel the benefit, just check back and incorporate it next time.

* If you are ‘forgetting’  the same tapping point over and over, it may be that you feel sensitive at that point. Check the chart I gave you at a workshop (or request a copy here) to see what that point relates to and just tune in to your body to see whether that point may relate to something you may need to work through.

If a point feels uncomfortable, you may want to tap a little more gently, or leave it out.

If a point feels uncomfortable, it may be trying to tell you something…

If you could ask it, what would it say?

If you feel stressed at the thought of forgetting a tapping  point, you could try tapping “Even though I forgot a tapping point, I accept the way I feel”

*Remember If you have a “go to” or a favourite tapping point, just use that to get your stress levels down in the moment. 

Question: What do I tap on?

Answer: Whatever you’re feeling at the moment and want to change, e.g. ….

“Even though I feel really angry/guilty/frustrated about what my boss/child/husband/cat (just checking you’re still here!) said to me yesterday and it feels like a green knot in my stomach, I accept the way I feel”.

If you don’t know what to tap on, just tap on the side of the hand and say

“Even though I don’t know what to tap on, that’s ok.

Then, starting with the top of the head,

Repeat “I don’t know what to tap on” for a full round.

A thought about something you need to tap through might come up (this might be an emotion, colour, energy or memory)

if nothing ‘comes up’, you’ve had the benefit of feeling calmer and that’s just right for you at this time.

When you feel the charge is low enough, Add how you would like to feel:

“I choose to feel, emotion, colour” or I’m open to learning to feel…

Question: How regularly should I tap?

Anwer: As often as possible or as you feel right.  

The more often you tap, the more you lower your cortisol levels.

It doesn’t have to be for long, 5 minutes or one round is great to start with.

Ideally, I tap in the morning to set my intention for the day and in the evening to let go of any thoughts from the day and/or during the day if something triggers me. 

If you haven’t tapped in a while, try tapping while saying “Even though I havent tapped in a while and I’m annoyed at myself, I choose to accept myself righ here right now. Today is a new day and I’m choosing to tap one step at a time and show myself a little compassion as I do”. 

Play around with the words, tune into your feelings and try not to get caught up with doing it ‘right’ or forgetting to tap. If you find yourself doing that, just tap through the emotions that come up at the thought of forgetting to tap!


Safety First!*

Please take responsibility for your own well-being.

If you’ve been avoiding/stuffing down/repressing emotions, any energy work can bring them to the surface.

This is a golden oppportunity for you to let it go.

If it any point you feel you can’t or don’t feel up to tapping on the ‘trigger’, or it feels too intense, stop and consciously slow your breath down to a count of 6 in and out for at least 6 breaths or until you feel calmer.

Then thank it for showing up, imagine wrapping it in a healing colour, putting it in a box and locking it.

If you feel up to it, you could try some journaling and either go back to tapping when you feel ready, or consider working with an EFT Practitioner like me 121 or a  Practitioner of your chosen modality to resolve and let go of these deeper feelings. 


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