Dissolve Your Fears

Feel Empowered. Live the life you want.

Are your feelings of anxiety, constant ‘What if’ thoughts starting to become unmanageable, out of control?
Maybe you’re noticing similar patterns to others in your family?
What if these signs, this wake-up call are Life inviting you to change your story, to create a new destiny?
You can release old, even ancient patterns and re-create your destiny and that of future generations.

Hi! I’m Andrea.

I believe it’s never too late to re-write your story.

I’ve helped hundreds of women transform feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. To get their sparkle back and feel excited, not fearful, about the future. 

I’m here to intuitively guide you to change “what if I can’t?’ thoughts to “what if I can?” ones.

To release and resolve old, even ancient patterns that are no longer serving you.

To re-connect with your inner knowing, remember who you really are. 

And to re-write your story (even if you have no idea what that is yet).

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Life is inviting you to release, remember, re-connect and re-create your destiny.


Take my hand and I’ll help you find her. 

My Offerings

Rituals to Love monthly membership

Come join our lovely community to release, re-charge and re-connect with Love, the highest vibration of all.

The practises are all designed to be simple, easy to apply and to teach. So we can raise the Collective vibration and come from that place of Love in our daily lives.

Click here to join. ❤️

One to One

From our first session, you’ll feel empowered with techniques you can use yourself to stay balanced when life’s inevitable curveballs come your way. 

We’ll work together to help you release, transform, remember and re-write your life and your future.

Get in touch to book in  for a free chat to discuss how I can guide you in moving forward towards your new destiny.

Take that first step towards your new destiny.

With love Andrea ?

See What My Clients Have To Say!

During our sessions, Andrea helped me to discover what lay beneath my anxieties, gently helping me let go of beliefs I hadn’t even realized were holding me back. I’ve also found great benefit from using the calming techniques she shared, both for myself and my family.

E.A.Chester, UK

I have found great benefit from my EFT/Matrix Reimprinting sessions. She is a great listener and intuitive. I have found comfort and healing from our sessions and am looking forward to discovering more about myself and uncovering blocks as we progress in our future sessions. Thank you Andrea!

S.R.Skype Sessions

Andrea is very approachable, makes you feel calm and at ease & is very knowledgeable about her subject area.

K.C.Chester, UK

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